Reflections from Limmud 2018

Jo Johnson, the Minister for Higher Education, spoke at Limmud. This was widely covered in the media. Our Principal Rabbi Dr Deborah Kahn-Harris asked a question of him about the changes to the governance of higher education and the formation of the new Office of Students and how they will affect small colleges such as Leo Baeck College.

Student Rabbi Deborah Blausten interviewed Rabbi Jackie Tabick about being the first female Rabbi ordained in the UK: “It was a real privilege to hear Rabbi Jackie Tabick’s experiences and her achievements are all the more remarkable given the obstacles that she had to overcome. Listening to her story highlights the importance of collegiality, and of the role models and mentors who create opportunities and act as support to new clergy.”

 Dr Keith Kahn Harris organised a panel called ‘What does a Jew look like?’ in which panellists suggested alternative images of Jews for the media to use instead of stock photos of Haredi Jews. One of proposed images was the one of Rabbi Angela Warnick Buchdahl, an inspirational Asian-American Reform rabbi.
Leo Baeck College loves Limmud Festival! Amongst those presenting sessions at Limmud were: Our principal Rabbi Dr Deborah Kahn-Harris, senior lecturer Dr Keith Kahn-Harris, rabbinic students Deborah Blausten, David Yehuda-Stern, Gabriel Webber and Anthony Lazarus; research fellow Elie Jesner; rabbinic admissions advisor Rabbi Leah Jordan; alumni rabbis Danny Newman, Jackie Tabick, Larry Tabick, Michael Shire, Jonathan Witternberg and Andrea Zanardo.


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