Leo Baeck College offers an opportunity to study in Israel as part of the Graduate Diploma in Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Part 2.  Students on that programme spend one semester in Haifa.

The benefits include opportunities to:

  • Widen horizons
  • Develop as a person and as a future rabbi
  • Enhance Hebrew language skills
  • Enhance knowledge and awareness of the culture, politics, communities and faiths of Israel
  • Learn about the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue
  • Gain additional perspectives on Jewish Studies
  • Engage with Israeli Progressive rabbis and their congregations
  • Celebrate festivals in an Israeli context

Students study at Haifa University’s International School where they deepen their knowledge of Hebrew in an Israeli environment, study Rabbinic Literature with pre-eminent scholar Dr Moshe Lavee in his Beit Midrash and choose electives from an exciting syllabus of modules.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Israel, its society, politics and culture.

The academic programme is supplemented by rich and exciting experiential and vocational components made possible by being in Israel. These include seminars, day trips and encounters with diverse groups and faiths. Also built in is the chance to be mentored and coached by leaders from the Reform movement in Haifa and involvement with the Leo Baeck Education Centre, Israel’s only Progressive high school.

Our intention/belief is that this invaluable experience will help students enhance their Hebrew language skills as well as their knowledge and understanding of the state of Israel, its history, politics, communities and culture.  This will enable students to construct a deep and abiding relationship with Israel and develop skills to explain Israeli matters in their communities in the diaspora.

Transfer of grades

Haifa University sends the College the results achieved by students on the modules they study.  These will count towards the Graduate Diploma in Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Part 2.