Leo Baeck College is a registered charity. The College is governed by a Board of Governors who are the trustees of the charity. The Governors have overall responsibility for the management and control of the organisation with the day-to-day operations being delegated to the professional staff. The implementation of policy and strategy is carried out by the Board of Governors in partnership with the Senior Management Team (SMT).

Rabbi Dr Deborah Kahn-Harris was appointed as Principal in September 2011. The Principal is the senior academic and administrative officer of the College and is supported in her role by the Senior Management Team (SMT). The Principal regularly reports to the Honorary Officers and Board of Governors.

Governors serve for a period of four years and those retiring by rotation may be eligible for re-election. While some governors are appointed ex officio, others are appointed on the basis of their standing, experience and skills to provide a balanced board with the ability to govern effectively. Governors are recruited through networks in the communities that the College serves.

The Principal, staff and student representatives continue to sit on the board. The Board are currently reviewing the governance structure.  The Governors always aim to fill trustee roles to ensure that the organisation is governed by a strong, sustainable board able to deal with the economic, demographic and structural challenges that are ongoing both globally and in our own Jewish community.

Board of Governors

Stephen Herman

Vice Chair
Mimi Konigsberg

Honorary Treasurer
Yeshi Abay

Honorary Secretary
Hannah Jacobs

Nominee of the Rabbinic Conference
Rabbi Aaron Goldstein

Nominee of the Assembly of Rabbis
Rabbi Dr Michael Hilton

Anton Fishman

David Bernstein

Prof Brad Blitz

Jane Carpenter






Rabbi Dr Deborah Kahn-Harris

2 Student representatives

2 Staff representatives