Shacharit during term time

The LBC community gathers together for shacharit services in the Room of Prayer (Room 16) during term-time. Shacharit is a moment we share before dispersing for the day’s study and work.  Students, faculty, staff and visitors are all invited to join in.

This sacred space is used to encourage creativity in worship and personal spiritual expression. We take the opportunity to draw upon the wide possibilities for prayer, using different siddurim or alternative methods of tefilah.

We also take the opportunity at the end of each service to remember friends, family and colleagues who have passed away.  If you would like to say Kaddish please let us know so we can include their name.

All rabbinic students are encouraged to lead services, read Torah and present a D’var Torah on a regular basis.  Preparation and feedback for those taking the service is available. In addition, asking fellow students for their feedback is often helpful and productive and creates a professional development opportunity. Daily worship reminds us of our core purpose, putting God at the heart of everything we do and fulfilling our responsibilities to others in the LBC kehillah.

Times are as follows: Monday and Wednesday Shacharit 8:25 am– 9:10 am

Thursday shacharit  09.00am – 10.00am, including a sermon slot and Torah reading.