Thursday, 14 Mar 2019

Written by Etienne Kerber

“But to live outside the law, you must be honest”

Even Bob Dylan agrees

There is no escape from law

But what is more frustrating than a bunch of words

Telling you what to do or not?




We all live in societies

In which we are told freedom is what’s best

But who really teaches

What freedom really is?


Yes it sounds funny

To the ears of my friends

What does Torah bring you?, they ask

What does God have to offer?


And I often answer… Well, it’s hard to explain.


Most of what happens for me

It resides in the Silence

In the contemplation

Of the beauty that surrounds me


Sometimes when I close my eyes

Sometimes when I stop the mp3 player

It has to do with wondering

It has to do with wandering


God cannot be sold

Cause God’s not made of gold

God never gets old

‘Cos God looks like a road


It can drive you mad sometimes

It can make you not sleep at night

Where is the connection?

Where is the link between the dots?


It is a matter of trust

‘Cos proofs there are not

But it simply takes a beautiful summer night

To begin the journey


Looking at the sky

With a bunch of very close friends

Staring at the planets

Staring at the harmony


Yes it all hangs around

In a very deep space

We are beautiful sparks

Dancing in a mysterious place


And If we look closely

To the point that we realize

That We are floating around

And that there is no trick


Maybe we can see…


That It’s all about laws

That It’s all about awe

That It’s all about flaws

That It’s all about love


And If we listen closely

To the symphony of the planets

It is possible to hear

The origin of the mechanics


Slowly growing within our souls

Rooting us to days of old

And growing up to the skies

To offer beautiful fruits


Leviticus is here

Oh brother let’s embrace it

There is so much mystery

Let’s look at laws like we look at planets


And on a sweet summer night

With a bottle of wine in our hands

Let’s remember that very old song

That our parents used to sing


The melody might change

‘cos our perception’s not the same

But deep down inside

It’s the same echo…


That same echo

That will make us remember

That long forgotten road

Our parents used to sing

Shabbat Shalom dear friends

Etienne Kerber

The views expressed in this D’var Torah do not necessarily reflect the position of Leo Baeck College.