Thursday, 21 Aug 2008

Written by Dr Annette Boeckler

At one’s heels

The name of this week’s parashah, ‘Eqev, raises the biggest problem in Judaism throughout all its generations, perhaps even the biggest problem of religion in general..This “‘eqev” even led in a way to the fact that the Shma in Siddur Lev Chadash (and in all leading Liberal siddurim) is much shorter than in a traditional service and that the new Seder haTefillot allows us to turn to other pages to read alternative texts if we cannot stand the second passage of the traditional Shma: Ve-hayah im shamo’a tishm’u, which is the end of this week’s parashat ‘Eqev (Deut. 11:22–25).

The views expressed in this D’var Torah do not necessarily reflect the position of Leo Baeck College.