JCoSS visit

Last Thursday 55 Year 8 students and four teachers from JCoSS spent the day at the College learning with some members of our faculty. These students are members of the Beit Midrash programme at their school and this visit was an opportunity to learn different aspects of Jewish studies in a more intense fashion. Dr Jo-Ann Myers, co-ordinator of the programme with Rabbi Ed Zinkin from JCoSS, welcomed the students and gave them a brief understanding of the College and its history. To answer the question of “Who is a Jew?”, Dr Laliv Clenman took the students through various rabbinic texts looking at the issue of Jewish status. Rabbi Dr Charles Middleburgh focused on the Prophet Jeremiah and shared some beautiful pieces of prose and poetry with the students. Cassy Sachar, the Head Librarian, showed the students some wonderful and very old treasures from the library taking them on a journey through time. Lastly, Dr Ben Williams introduced the students to Moses Maimonides where they learned all about the man and “spent of day” in his life. Rabbi Dr Deborah Kahn Harris ended the day with thanks and farewells.

All in all, the day was a great success creating a wonderful partnership between the College and the school

In May, a group of 55 Year 7 students are coming and we will be doing it all again!