Since the beginning of the CV19 national lockdown student rabbis, faculty members and alumni from Leo Baeck College have been leading daily morning prayer services online. Open to all, these Shacharit services have created a new and meaningful prayer space and brought together a new community of individuals from around the country and across the Progressive world.

As you’ll read below, Shacharit services at LBC have always been an opportunity for student rabbis to experiment with styles, liturgy and melody, to hone their individual style and skills. Leading Shacharit online they have shown their maturity and sensitivity, creating space for people to worry about the sick, mourn their dead, express hope for life and appreciation for kindness. They have brought the music and openness of the College’s Room of Prayer into the lives of many who are seeking warmth, solace and comradeship in these challenging times.

Services take place Monday to Friday at 8.30am.

To join us for Shacharit with LBC Online click here for uptodate details and links.

Both the Reform Siddur Forms of Prayer and Liberal Siddur Lev Chadash are used and available online.

On Friday mornings at 9.15am there is an additional online service specifically for LBC students, staff and faculty to share some time together. For details please contact the LBC office.