LBC life in lockdown – student rabbi Nicola Feuchtwang

Modah Ani …

For the unbelievable luxury of enough space, my own home, financial security, insulating me from the nightmare which lockdown can be for some people.
For the exuberant spring outside, and plenty of music indoors, on which to feast my eyes and ears respectively, so that the sensory deprivation of isolation and Covid-induced anosmia don’t seem quite so catastrophic after all.
For the structure and sense of purpose and, yes, the deadlines which are part of being a student, even if concentrating and retaining information are currently challenging for all of us.
For the companionship of classmates and teachers with whom to share and discuss not only the anxieties and stresses, but also the lighter moments.
For the miraculous technology which enables us to meet virtually when we cannot be together in the same physical space, allowing us to continue learning, teaching, working, contributing to our communities.
For the wisdom of our tradition which helps me to keep it all in perspective: our ancestors may never have heard of Corona, but they certainly knew plague, fear of contagion, social isolation, uncertainty.
How grateful I am for the ‘attitude of gratitude’ itself, instilled in me from an early age.