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Copyrights – 2022Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet and Rabbi Dr Charles Middleburgh – All Rights Reserved


In this conversation, two graduates of Leo Baeck College who went on to teach Jewish and Biblical studies on the College’s faculty explore something of their personal relationship to the Biblical prophets. It allows them to reflect on the freedom offered by the Lehrhaus programme to explore together with the participants the many-sided dimensions of biblical and other Jewish sources.


Jonathan Magonet has a medical degree, rabbinic ordination from Leo Baeck College and gained his PhD at the University of Heidelberg with a thesis on ‘Form and Meaning: Studies in Literary Techniques in the Book of Jonah’. He is the author of several books on the Hebrew Bible, his most recent being How did Moses know he was a Hebrew? Reading Bible stories from within (Hakodesh Press, 2021).

For forty years he was full time Professor of Bible at Leo Baeck College, where he is currently Emeritus Professor of Bible. He was Principal of the College from 1985-2005.

He has co-edited  the prayer books of the UK Movement for Reform Judaism and has pioneered Jewish interfaith dialogue with Christians and Muslims, recorded in his book Talking to the Other. He is editor of the College’s journal European Judaism, and has published a collection of his poems ‘Ghostwalk‘, as well as ‘Netsuke Nation‘, short stories based on his experience as a guest professor in Japan. An occasional performer of his own songs, he enjoys playing blues harmonica.


Rabbi Dr Charles H Middleburgh has lectured at Leo Baeck College since 1984 and has taught, over the years, Bible, Parshanut, Rabbinic Literature, Aramaic and Practical Rabbinics. Qualifications: BA Hons in Ancient and Medieval Hebrew with Aramaic and Syriac; PhD in Targumic Studies (UCL, 1975-1982).

Publications: Siddur Lev Chadash (assoc Editor); Machzor Ruach Chadashah (Co-Editor); High and Holy Days: A Book of Jewish Wisdom (Co-Editor); Prayers of Awe, 2010 – (contributor). A Jewish Book of Comfort (co-editor); Bright and Beautiful: poems inspired by the natural world; Great and Small: more poems inspired by the natural world: Stumbling on the Mountains of Twilight: Topical Sermons 1992-2019; Confronting Covid 19 (editor) His research interests are focused on Liturgy, the biblical Prophets, and Climate Change and species extinction.


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