For experienced classroom teachers to first time informal educators to researchers in Jewish education, our Education Collection includes practical resources, academic and theoretical texts to support your work.  From nursery to Jewish Day School, from cheder to life long learning, there are curricula and pedagogies to enhance your teaching in a variety of communal settings. In addition to educational philosophy and theory in general the Education Collection focuses on issues particular to the Jewish educational experience including teaching emotive topics like the Holocaust and specialist areas such as the Jewish Festivals,  Life Cycle and Israel Education. It explores methodologies of text based learning and teaching sacred texts and is particularly strong in Hebrew language resources.

Highlights from the Education Collection

The Handbook of Transformative Learning, Taylor and Cranton, Jossey-Bass
The Ultimate Jewish Teacher’s Handbook, Moskowitz, ARE Publishing
The Aleph Bet of Israel Education, iCentre for Israel Education
Supporting Dyslexic Adults in Higher Education and the Workplace, Brunswick, Wiley-Blackwell
Growing Jewish Minds, Growing Jewish Souls, Kress, URJ Press
A Philosophy of Havruta: Understanding the art of text study in pairs, Elie Holzer, Academic Studies Press