Our Pamphlet Collection includes over 10,000 pamphlets published in the last 150 years showing the vibrancy of Jewish history and ideas. The collection is especially rich in primary sources from Anglo-Jewry and European communities as well as liturgy, philosophy and theology from Progressive Jewish thinkers and institutions. The Collection includes fascinating ephemera: print-outs, off-prints, booklets, leaflets and orders of service as well as formally published pamphlets, presenting an unusual grassroots view of the Jewish experience.

Highlights from the Pamphlet Collection

Menorah Magazine for Jewish members of Her Majesty’s Forces, 1951
Emoji Megillah for Purim, 2019
Anglo-Jewish Association Coronation Dinner, 1953
Un Intermezzo di Canzoni Antiche da ascoltarsi quand e Purim, 1928
Kitanah Kol Bo by Hyim Nachman Bialik, 1923


Zum Chanukafest 1914


“For Chanukah 1914 – A greeting to the Jewish soldiers of the German Army from the Union of German Jews” begins this pamphlet which includes psalms, poetry, plays, Torah and rabbinical encouragement to inspire the soldiers receiving it with the deeds of the Maccabees. It features a remarkable “Dialogue Between the Chanukah Light and the Christmas Light” by Rabbi Dr Georg Wilde, Chaplain to the Supreme Command of the Fourth Army. Wilde would later be a refugee from Nazi Germany to England but his message of hope expressed through the lights of different traditions shining towards each other, so moving in the context of the Great War, still resonates over 100 years later.