Library Shorts – Stories from the Shelves

In our new series of short videos, librarian Cassy Sachar shares stories from the shelves, inviting you to explore the remarkable books and artefacts in the Leo Baeck College Library. Follow us on Facebook too see the latest shorts or check back here to browse the series using the links below. Email us, with any comments, questions or to find out more.


Accessible Siddurim CoversAccessible Siddurim

Innovation within tradition


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

A children’s favourite gets a a Yiddish twist

The Kranjec Test

Hearing marginalised voices


Godly and Gay

Lionel Blue on homosexuality and religion


Judas Maccabeaus

Where Hebrew language and English literature meet


Songs of the Land of Israel front coverSongs of the Land Of Israel   

Words and music to sustain the soul


Maybaum Papers A List of Book RecipientsIgnaz Maybaum Papers

Being a rabbi and a writer


cover of le petite fille de jerusalemFrench and Fragile

100 year old books from the Francophone world