The Rabbi Lionel Blue Memorial Lecture

Click here to watch the video and click here to read Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah’s address.

Leo Baeck College, Finchley Reform Synagogue, and Beit Klal Yisrael joined together to honour the memory of the beloved Rabbi Lionel Blue and to answer the question:

“What is the legacy of Queer Rabbis?”

The discussion was chaired by Rabbi Dr Charles Middleburgh and introduced by KeshetUK co-founding trustee, Alma Reisel.

Panelists were Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah, Rabbi Dr Judith Rosen-Berry, Rabbi Indigo Raphael, Rabbi Anna Wolfson, Rabbi Daniel Lichman and Rabbi Judith Levitt. These distinguished voices explored the intersection of faith, identity, and tradition within the context of LGBTQIA+ perspectives.