Professional Rabbinic Development and Support (PaRDeS)

The primary goal of PaRDeS is to offer rabbis opportunities to further develop themselves and their skills to be better equipped for the varied demands of their work and the practical needs of their congregations.

Benefits to Rabbis

  • Practical skills development, updating and refreshing;
  • Reflective time, space, support (including collegial), and stimulus that ensures each individual’s rabbinate is being renewed and that self-esteem and self-confidence are sustained;
  • Developmental learning enables each rabbi to feel that they are growing in their knowledge of Jewish texts and contemporary academia;
  • Spiritual and intellectual stimulation and growth.

Benefits to Congregations and individuals

  • Enhanced quality of educational, spiritual and pastoral rabbinic leadership
  • Congregational development through the application of enhanced rabbinic skills
  • Better rabbinic-lay relationships
  • More motivated rabbis

Offerings include:

  • Assisted Reflection for Rabbis (ARR) and their Partners – a scheme offered by Leo Baeck College in partnership with St. Albans Diocese of the Church of England, providing free 1:1 support for ordained or lay Assistants.
  • Support Groups – self-selected groups provided with professional facilitation and administrative assistance to undertake long-term “reflective practitioner” work together.
  • Learning and Training Activities – webinars, seminars and occasional conferences to build on rabbinic or cantorial training across a broad range of topics.

Contact Angela Wharton, the PaRDeS Administrator ( or email