The College endeavours to create an environment in which each student is given individual attention and support.  As student numbers are relatively small, Leo Baeck College is often able to find tailor-made solutions for difficulties and problems.  Below you will find a description of some of the ways in which support is provided.  Students, however, must take advantage of what is on offer.

A. Individual Tutors – Allocation and Role

All students are allocated a tutor during their time at LBC. Students registered for an academic award will be allocated an academic tutor. Those on the Rabbinic Programme will be allocated a Rabbinic Tutor.  Tutors are allocated to students by the Director of Jewish Studies the Coordinator of the Rabbinic Community Placements as appropriate.

The role of the tutor is to support the student in a variety of areas.  This support includes academic, personal, vocational and spiritual matters.  The tutor also monitors the student’s progress and reports to the Course Team, raising any areas of concern the student or tutor may have, with the student’s agreement, as well as feeding back issues from LBC to the student.

If the student is unhappy with a particular allocation, the student may discuss this with the Director of Jewish Studies or the Coordinator of the Rabbinic Community Placements who will do her/his best to respond to legitimate objections or requests.

B. Course Team Leaders and Module Tutors

Course Team Leaders and Module Tutors can also be approached to discuss any academic issues directly related to the programme or module being studied.

The module tutor will also provide students with feedback on their performance following exercises, presentations and tests undertaken in class or as summative assessments.   Students may ask to meet with the tutor to discuss the feedback. They can also discuss their assignment before submitting it as well as showing an initial draft.

C. Link Tutors

The link tutors for Middlesex University and Leo Baeck College are jointly responsible for ensuring the programmes are delivered according to the arrangements agreed when the programmes were approved.  Both link tutors attend Course Team meetings where they hear the views of students on the programme. You can always contact either if you have a query or suggestion.

D. Counselling and Therapy:

LBC encourages all rabbinic students to undertake counselling/psychotherapy as part of their rabbinic training.  Psychotherapy is seen as a way of helping rabbi’s longer term personal development and provide deeper understanding of certain aspects of the rabbi’s role. LBC tries to provide financial assistance as a contribution towards the costs.