Students graduating from Leo Baeck College have an excellent record in finding employment and developing their careers. The College’s programmes and the support offered to students enable them to acquire knowledge and develop the skills our communities need. At the same time the programmes encourage students to acquire learning skills, reflective skills, a love of study and a mind-set which enables them to respond to changing circumstances. The programmes help ensure their employability not just in the short-term but throughout their working life.

Our statistics show that most students find employment within six months of graduation. On the destination statistics page you will find a list detailing the role and current place of work of our graduates. As you will see, they hold many of the central roles in the Jewish Progressive Community in the UK and Europe.

What ensures this success?

  • We develop our academic programmes in collaboration with our stakeholders, namely the Movement for Reform Judaism and Liberal Judaism, rabbis, head teachers of the supplementary schools, teachers and lay leadership.
  • Our programmes meet the needs of our communities, synagogues and schools.
  • Most of the lecturers on our programmes have experience in working in the field.
  • Many of our programmes have a vocational element and most of our students are involved in internships and placements.
  • We facilitate contacts between our students and possible future employers.
  • The excellent reputation of Leo Baeck College.
  • CPD for its alumni.

Where are our students employed?

Most of our students are employed as rabbis in Reform and Liberal synagogues, teachers in supplementary schools and day schools, lecturers in colleges and universities and chaplains. Others find employment in Jewish organisations and directly in the Reform and Liberal movements. The international profile of LBC means that students find work not just in the UK but in Europe and worldwide.