Prospective students who wish to be awarded credits for prior learning must do so either during the application process or after having been accepted onto the programme. The responsibility to make the request rests with the student.

At Leo Baeck College the maximum number of credits that can be claimed through APL is normally one third of the credits necessary to complete a particular award.  The number of credits recognised is subject to approval by the Collaborative Programme Accreditation Board.

What is AP(E)L?

AP(E)L is a process by which previous study and/or work experience is recognised for academic purposes. Such recognition can be used to count towards completion of course requirements.

There are two kinds of learning that are considered:

  • Prior Certified learning: This is learning that is achieved following the completion of an assessed and certified course.
  • Prior Experiential Learning: Learning gained outside the classroom through work or other activity. This is then assessed and recognised for academic purposes.

The Process

 Prior Certified Learning:   All applications for the accreditation of prior certificated learning must be made in writing using the AP(E)L form.   In order to assess prior certificated learning against the learning outcomes of the award they wish to study, students will be asked to provide the certificate, the transcript with the grade achieved and a copy of the curriculum/syllabus/specification of the prior programme.  In some cases the student may be asked to provide additional information.  The form and supporting evidence should be sent to the Head of Academic Services.

Prior Experiential Learning:  Students wishing to apply for accreditation of prior experiential learning are advised to ask for a meeting with the Dean for an initial discussion.  If they wish to proceed, they will then be given the name of an LBC tutor who can offer them advice on how to construct and submit the claim. The responsibility for preparing the submission remains with the student.

Requests are normally dealt with before the semester starts. Students who apply after the beginning of the semester must attend class while their request is being considered.  Applications will not be considered if they are received later than two weeks after the start of the semester.

For further information please contact the Head of Academic Services