Selection Criteria for Awards in Jewish Studies

  1. Evidence is sought that the candidate has the necessary knowledge, skills and aptitude relating to the length, content, aims and learning outcomes of the programme.  This includes academic qualifications and achievements; personal, cultural, social, professional and educational experiences that give an indication of the candidates’ abilities to succeed in the programme; attitudes and motivation, and evidence that they understand the requirements of the programme and the ethos of Leo Baeck College.
  2. Evidence of the above is collected through registration forms and, where necessary, through an interview. Interviews are conducted by a panel of at least two members of the Admissions team.  The information upon which the decision is made includes:
      • Academic qualifications which are assessed by the Course Teams.   (This includes domestic and international as well as non-standard qualifications of mature students.)
      • Relevant occupation and/ or life experience
      • Jewish knowledge as an indicator of motivation, interest and preparedness
      • Language skills
      • Exceptional circumstances that may have influenced recent academic achievements such as health, bereavement, conditions in the country of origin.
    • If there is insufficient evidence with regards to the candidate’s academic potential the Admissions Team can require that the candidate submit a written piece of work.
  3. The Admissions Team uses its judgement to assess the overall suitability of the candidate based on the above, taking into consideration the admission principles of Leo Baeck College and the selection criteria for the programme.
  4. A record outlining the nature of the decision taken for each application is appended to, or written on the application form.

For the Rabbinic Programme                                  

4.1 All rabbinic candidates take part in a three day series of interviews which includes an academic interview. The object of the interviews is to:

  • Assess the candidate’s motivation for undertaking rabbinic studies, their religious commitment and personal integrity, their dedication to the principles of Progressive Judaism, their personality and interpersonal and intrapersonal abilities, their professional and managerial capabilities and the level of their Jewish knowledge.
  • Determine whether they have the ability to grow and flourish in terms of their academic, professional and spiritual development on the programme.

4.2. The interviews include structured and unstructured group interviews. Furthermore, the candidate undergoes psychological assessment and an interview with the Principal of Leo Baeck College and or the Dean.

4.3. The final decision as to whether to accept a candidate is taken by the Rabbinic Board of Admissions based upon the following:

  • Academic qualifications.  The Rabbinic Board of Admissions assesses the qualifications and suitability of the candidate. This includes domestic and international as well as non-standard qualifications of mature students.
  • The outcomes of the various interviews and the psychological assessment.