Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions, together with the procedures or policies referred to in this document, the letter of offer, the current prospectus and course specification (together “the Terms”), all form the basis of the agreement between Leo Baeck College (LBC) and you as a prospective student wishing to register for a Higher Education programme leading to an award or credit or to register for the Rabbinic Programme offered at the College.

Withdrawing from the agreement

By accepting an offer of a place, on one of our courses or programmes, your contract with the College is upon this basis. However, if you then want to withdraw you must notify us in writing within 21 days of the date you accepted the offer. Attached is a cancellation form you may wish to use for that purpose.

The agreement

In addition to the conditions specified in the Terms, our offer is subject to you meeting all the non-academic requirements prescribed for the programme you are registering for. This includes for example: language requirements, DBS requirements, and visa requirements.

The College reserves the right to withdraw, defer or change the offer in the following circumstances:

  • You have not met these conditions.
  • You have provided false or misleading information or omitted material and relevant information during the application process.
  • If required, you are not in possession of a visa to study in the UK.
  • You have not enrolled at the College at the beginning of the autumn semester and have not received permission to register late.

Information about Programmes

The College undertakes to deliver its programmes with reasonable care and skill. It will make every effort to ensure that the information described in the prospectus, on the website and in other documents is accurate and up to date. However, the College reserves the right to make changes to published information which it will endeavour to notify you of as soon as is practical.

Examples of alterations which may arise:

  • New regulatory requirements of external bodies such as the Office for Students, the QAA, the Charity Commission.
  • Changes in the law such as health and safety, consumer rights
  • Withdrawal by the collaborative partner validating the College’s awards
  • Staff changes. In most cases the College will find a suitable replacement. However the College does not guarantee the participation of any specific individual.
  • Changes to the curriculum, assessment or method of delivery following feedback from students and staff, annual monitoring of a programme, re-validation, new academic research or changes in staff.
  • Suspension of a programme due to low demand.
  • Withdrawal of a unit or module due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Other unforeseen changes beyond the College’s control.

You are advised to look at the website and current prospectus for up-to-date information about programmes. The College will endeavour to bring any major change in a programme to your attention and to the attention of any other affected students as soon as it is reasonable to do so. The College will work through with you the effects of that change.

As far as it is practical, the College will aim to time changes to an award so that it does not affect students already studying on it.

If the College withdraws or suspends an award after you have registered, the registration fee will be returned to you.   See details about refunds below.


Course Handbooks are provided at enrolment and are also found on CollegeNet. The Handbook provides further information about the programme, its modules, names of tutors, learning and teaching methods, assessments, time-tables, assessment regulations, attendance requirements and other details. By enrolling on the course you agree to fulfil the requirements of the course. Copies of current handbooks are available on request.

Fees and additional costs

Fees for the different awards and programmes are listed in the Prospectus and can be found on the website.  In addition to tuition fees, you will be asked to pay an application fee when sending in your application form.

The fees charged are dependent on whether you are a member of an affiliated community or an affiliated institution. Affiliation refers to members of Reform Judaism and Liberal Judaism, European Union for Progressive Judaism (EUPJ), affiliated communities and LBC affiliated institutions and congregations.

Current fees are published in the prospectus and will apply for the duration of your course or programme.

By accepting a place, you agree to be responsible for the entire fee for the award or programme. Unless otherwise agreed with the College payment must be made within 28 days from the date of the invoice or before the first class, whichever is earlier. Payment may be made in instalments by agreement with the College. The College has a standing order scheme.

Information about the College’s Fee Regulations is published on the website.


If you are in receipt of a bursary from an affiliated institution or community, details of that contract will be sent to you by the relevant institution.   Should that bursary cease during the course of your studies then you will become personally liable for the total amount of fees outstanding.

Other sponsorship

If you are in receipt of funding from another source, you are asked to provide satisfactory evidence that fees will be paid by them in accordance with these Terms. Where undertakings given by the sponsor are not honoured you will become personally liable for the total amount of fees outstanding.

Additional costs

In addition to tuition fees which cover the cost of teaching you will need to budget for costs associated with your studies. Such costs may include for example a laptop, internet access, stationery, books, the binding of dissertations, etc. From time to time there may be additional optional educational opportunities where you may wish to attend and which may incur additional costs. Information regarding additional costs can be found in the prospectus and website. https://lbc.ac.uk/study-with-us/prospective-students/fees-funding-costs/

You will also need to budget for general living expenses such as accommodation, meals, travel, clothing, etc.

Appropriate travel expenses and accommodation costs when participating in an apprenticeship, internship or placement as part of the vocational programme will be reimbursed against invoices which must be presented within one month of incurring the cost.

Refund of tuition fees

  • Early withdrawal before the academic year has begun:

Fees will be refunded in full, less the application fee, provided you cancel within 21 days from signing the acceptance form.

  • Withdrawal due to ill health or other exceptional circumstances

Fees will be due for any semester started but not for any remaining semester of that year.

  • Withdrawal due to failure to obtain a student visa

Students must apply for a visa three months before they intend to enter the country. If having applied in that way and a visa is refused then the College will refund the tuition fees. A refund request needs to be submitted within 30 days of the visa refusal along with the relevant documents.

  • Disciplinary grounds

The College reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student without refund of fees in the event of serious misconduct or unsatisfactory attendance/progress.

  • Withdrawal due to the discontinuation of an award or unit

Fees will be refunded in full to fee-paying students, if the course on which you have received a place is discontinued.

If a unit within a programme is discontinued, fees will be refunded in full provided that you withdraw before the course begins.

  • Transfer to another institution following unexpected closure of a course or programme after it has started

In the unforeseen event of the College being unable to teach out a validated course, a contingency plan is in place.  In the event that students transfer to an alternative institution to complete the course, the corresponding sum of tuition fees will be refunded. In this case, the students will be responsible for the arrangements with the alternative institution.  If students are in receipt of a bursary from a sponsor they must make their own arrangements with that sponsor.

  • Payment of travel costs due to the unexpected relocation to an alternative site.

In the event that a student is relocated to an alternative site beyond London tube zones 1-3, the College will refund any additional travel costs that are incurred throughout the relocation period.

  • Withdrawal after the academic year begins:

Fees will not be refunded once the academic year has started. A full year’s fees are due.

All queries about fees are to be addressed to Leo Baeck College, Senior Executive Officer, Sternberg Centre, 80 East End Road, London N3 2SY

Non-payment of Fees

  1. The College reserves the right not to re-enrol you if you have an outstanding debt to the College from a previous academic year.
  1. The College reserves the right to exclude you from examinations and to have your qualification or award withheld and/or to prohibit you from attending any graduation ceremony if you have outstanding tuition fees.
  1. The College will not be responsible for debts to third parties, e.g. accommodation and fees on a semester or summer abroad.


If you are experiencing difficulty with paying your College fees, you should immediately contact the Senior Executive Officer who will be available to discuss the matter and to offer appropriate help and advice.


Should you wish to make a complaint regarding the admissions process, you will find the College’s Complaints procedure regarding admissions as Item 14 of the Regulations regarding Admissions and Recruitment which is enclosed with this document. Please note that there is no right of appeal against the outcome of an admissions decision.

The College also has a general Appeals and Complaints procedure, a copy of which is also enclosed with this document. Once you are a student at the College, you will find the College’s Appeals and Complaints Procedures on CollegeNet.

In the event that the internal procedures at Leo Baeck College have been fully exhausted students may approach Middlesex University, the body validating the College’s awards, regarding a complaint against the College.

In the event that the procedures at Middlesex University have also been fully exhausted students may apply to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

Data Protection

The College collects and holds your personal data as part of the admissions procedures and when you are a student. This will be used to create and maintain your student record, to provide you with educational and other services and to manage the College’s business. This information is held according to the Data Protection Act 1998 and from 25 May 2018 it will conform to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The College is required to share data about students with certain third parties such as funding bodies, sponsors, government departments and agencies and other educational providers.

More details are included in the attached Student Privacy Notice.

Intellectual Property

Students on certificates of higher education, graduate diplomas, postgraduate diplomas and master degrees own the intellectual property created by their research as a student of the College unless the research is jointly created with a member of staff or another student.

In general the College agrees that students have the right to publish material created by their research as they see fit.


  • Regulations regarding Admissions and Recruitment including Complaints procedures
  • Appeals and Complaints
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Student Privacy Notice
  • Student Protection Plan

Leo Baeck College is a company limited by guarantee (Company Number 626693) and a Charity (Charity number 20977).