LBC Summer Appeal: Rabbi Lionel Blue Student Support Fund

Rabbi Lionel Blue z"l
Rabbi Lionel Blue z”l

Help us raise £25,000 this summer to better support our students.

Although many students come to LBC with some funding, many need additional help. Five years is a considerable commitment – students give up income and careers to devote the time to their studies – and living in London is expensive, especially now. And sometimes life happens in unexpected ways: from the mundane – a laptop breaks, to the heartbreaking – a beloved relative dies.

The Rabbi Lionel Blue Support Fund is named in honour of one of the College’s first graduates, Rabbi Lionel Blue z”l, who also taught at the College for many years and was very much loved and known across the UK – a true national treasure.

“Our students need to be able to focus on their studies, their courses, their practical work, their communities – where they are training and learning – and we need them not to be worrying about their rent, their food or the cost of their electricity bills.”

LBC Principal, Rabbi Dr. Deborah Kahn-Harris

“LBC has been my family and my support for the whole year… and I hope for the next years of my training.”

LBC student rabbi Dea Kulikovsky

Coming from abroad, Dea didn’t have any contacts, family or support network in the UK. We enabled a smooth transition by helping Dea with her documents and visa, and introducing her to the right contacts to help her get established.

“Supporting LBC students means supporting future rabbis. And supporting future rabbis means supporting communities. If you want thriving communities, support student rabbis!”

LBC student rabbi Martina Loreggian

Studying in the UK has been financially challenging for Martina, and without funding would have been considerably harder, if not impossible. Financial issues and worries can impact focus on learning and studies – studies which are challenging enough on their own! – and having support has enabled Martina to continue her journey.

The Fund will help students with quite varied and different needs, providing support and hopefully the calm conditions that will allow them to focus on their studies, for example, help with:



Specialist books

New laptop

Psychological support

Ticket to visit a sick relative

Support at times of loss, bereavement, birth and other life events

The climbing cost of living

Making ends meet at a difficult time