Leo Baeck College has a global reach training rabbis to work across the Progressive Jewish world over 4 continents and in 26 countries. Through its rabbinic alumni, the College ensures progressive Jewish continuity globally. It is recognised as a centre of excellence for Jewish learning, both traditional and contemporary, and the training of Jewish educators.

It costs £1.1m a year to run Leo Baeck College and we need to raise a minimum £500,000 from
voluntary sources. By supporting us you will be contributing to the vital funds we need to continue our work. For 65 years it is the alumni of Leo Baeck College who have been at the forefront of the growth of Reform Judaism worldwide.

Your support honours and recognises the distinction of outstanding teaching providing invaluable support, securing the future education of our communal leaders and future generations of rabbis. By supporting Leo Baeck College today, you will be ensuring a future filled with exceptional leaders – strong thinkers with a deep understanding of our tradition and a commitment to building a solid, vibrant and secure Progressive Judaism for all. To continue this legacy for our children and grandchildren we have to make the training of our future rabbis and educators a priority. To train the very best rabbis and educators we must have the very best teachers.