We are very proud of our first year rabbinic student Gabriel Webber

york 1We are very proud of our first year rabbinic student Gabriel Webber:

Miriam Taylor Thorpe describes the bnei mitzvah of her child, Esther:

We live in Otterburn, Northumberland and the [gender-neutral] bnei mitzvah took place at York Liberal Jewish Community, at the Quaker Meeting House. It was such a big day, not just for us but also for our community. When Esther read the Torah portion, I felt incredibly proud. Esther had done so much learning on their own [Esther prefers to be referred to as “they”]. We had Skype lessons from our student rabbi Gabriel Webber and also from Hava Fleming (our adopted extra grandmother) but there was still a lot for Esther to do. Hava is a long-term friend from shul. She is wise and generous and loves the children (we have seven) and they love her. She lives more than an hour’s drive away but still visits. She has taught most of us Hebrew, takes us on dog walks and generally stands up for us. In return we tell her terrible jokes. Our “real” family are sadly passed or live a very long way away.

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